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        Prof. Saito's Digital Information Course

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Takashi Saito

Chuo University
Department of Social Informatics
742-1 Higashi-Nakano Hachioji Tokyo

Prof. Saito has been Professor of Social Informatics at the Chuo University
since 1991 and has lectured also at Keio University since 1982.
Prior to moving to Chuo University, he taught as a professor for seven years 
at the School of Library and Information Science of Aichi Shukutoku University.
He was a Visiting Professor of the University of California in 2002.
He currently teaches digital information systems for multimedia resources,
programming languages,Internet technology, database management systems and
systems developments.
His research interests include end-user interfaces of Digital Library,
knowledge representation for Knowledge Library system, multimedia database
systems and linguistics applications.
He received his degree in Library and Information Science(Information Science)
at Keio University.He has more than 18 years experience in computer industry of
Toshiba as an engineer and a manager of systems design and development for
DataBase Management systems and Information Retrieval systems.

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